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Kauai Comic Convention is excited to announce the following lineup of special guests!



Ban’s acting career spans five decades, starring in scores of feature films, TV shows, and stage productions in Japan and the United States.  He got his first big break in 1972 when he was cast in the lead role as Jiro/Kikaida in the Japan TV series Jinzo Ningen Kikaida.  This landmark tokusatsu (live-action special effects) series, conceived by the world-renowned manga/anime artist Ishinomori Shotaro, achieved cult-like status in Hawaii when it was broadcast on KIKU-TV in 1974.


Subsequent TV roles in the genre include Kikaida 01, Inazuman, Ninja Captor, and 

Battle Fever J  which catapulted Ban to tokusatsu superhero status.  A guest role in Ten Shimoyama’s feature film Kikaider Reboot (2014) introduced Ban to multi-national audiences. 


Also appearing in the hit horror series Ringu, Ban’s versatility is apparent in Ringu (The Ring), Rasen (The Spiral), Ringu 2 (The Ring 2), and Ringu 0: Basudei (The Ring 0: Birthday). 

But it is Ban’s beloved 1970s role as Jiro/Kikaida that has brought him to the Hawaiian Islands repeatedly since then.  More than 36,000 enthusiastic fans turned out for a Kikaida live action show run in 1975 at the then Honolulu International Center. Appearances at the Hawaii State Farm Fair and Pearlridge Center thrilled thousands of island youngsters and their families.   In the 2000s, Ban headlined community events at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii and Maui Matsuri, sparking interest in a new generation of fans. With the DVD releases of Kikaida, Kikaida 01, and Inazuman by Honolulu-based JN Productions/Generation Kikaida, Ban’s popularity reached new heights during the digital revolution. And with nearly annual meet-n-greet and autograph sessions with Ban at Oahu retail locations, most recently in 2018, the legacy of Jiro/Kikaida in Hawaii continues to grow among super fans of multiple generations. 


On the US West Coast, Ban’s appearances include the preeminent otaku event, San Diego Comic Con (2004) and Big WOW! Comic Fest  (2014) in San Jose, with throngs of fans excited to meet their tokusatsu hero.


Ban’s international resume was built on Kikaida’s success in Hawaii some thirty years prior, when he was tapped to star in the Hawaii productions of Aaron Yamasato’s Blood of the Samurai (2004) TV series and Stacey Hayashi’s feature film, Go For Broke-A 442 Origins Story (2017). 

Ban shaka.jpg



Instagram Superstar

Nicole is a dancer, actress, model, and blogger. 

With over 900k followers and millions of views on YouTube.


Nicole is now signed with The Movement Talent Agency and has worked with, Black Eyed Peas, Us the Duo, Matt Steffania, Chris Brown, Meghan Trainor, Mariah Carey and more!
She has worked with companies such as H&M Clothing, Disney, YouTubeRED, ABC, FOX, DanceOn Network, LEGO, Nickelodeon, Nintendo Switch Just Dance and more.

When Nicole was 4 years old, her mom put her in dance classes and she cried almost every class so they took her out. After being in Soccer and Girl Scouts, they decided to put her in dance again when she was about to turn 7 years old. She cried again. Her mom told her to finish out the month and then she could stop. When the month was almost up, something sparked in Nicole and she fell in love with dance. Ever since then, she has become the youngest member of the Advanced Fusion Competition Dance Team to ever be accepted at the age of 9. She has won numerous scholarships and holds the Bravo overall solo championship and is Hollywood Vibe's Regional Dancer of the Year. 



Comic Creator for Marvel/DC

 For most of his 13 years at Marvel Entertainment, Carl Potts was an Executive Editor, overseeing 1/3 of Marvel's publications.

Carl discovered and mentored prodigious talents such as Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Scott Williams, Art Adams, Larry Stroman and Jon Bogdanov. His creative discoveries include June Brigman and Mike Mignola. When he should have been sleeping, Carl wrote and drew comic, covers, and posters for Marvel. Among Carl's projects was a celebrated run as writer/layout artist on Punisher War Journal and his writing on Venom, Prowler, and Shadow Masters. He created Alien Legion and was creator/artist on the Last of the Dragons graphic novel. The Alien Legion screenplay Carl wrote was bought by Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Carl is currently developing his Last of the Dragons graphic novel as a TV series. Carl has given his seminar on sequential visual storytelling at Pixar, The Society of Illustrators, Blizzard, Blue Sky, LucasArts, Syracuse Univ., Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), SUNY Purchase, NYU, FIT, Ogilvy & Mather and Psyop. He teaches in NYC at School of Visual Arts and online for Academy of Art University. In October 2013, Carl's book, The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics: Inside the Art of Visual Storytelling was published by DC/Watson-Gupitill (Random House).





Model Disney's Mulan

Mimi Chan began her martial arts training under her father, Grandmaster Chan Pui, at the age of 3. By the age of 5 she was already performing in exhibitions.  Along with live performances she entered the movie world when she was chosen as the model and martial arts video reference for Disney’s animated feature, Mulan. She also briefly worked in Hollywood doing stunt work and making small television appearances.  


Mimi has been featured in several martial arts magazines and entered the kung fu hall of fame when Inside Kung Magazine voted her as 2000 “Woman of the Year”.  In 2012, she produced and directed the documentary: Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer. The film won 10 awards at film festivals and screened throughout North America to sold out audiences.  


In addition to her newfound passion for filmmaking, Mimi Chan will continue to strive to spread the spirit of martial arts and the Wah Lum System.  She follows the footsteps of her father by dedicating her life to teaching at the Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple.  


Mimi is also the host of Culture Chat Podcast, which explores a variety of topics including: social issues, film, comics, martial arts, traditions, food, pop culture, music, or anything inspiring and thought-provoking.  

mimichan .jpg



Hiroshi Kanatani raised in Kagawa, Japan on Shikoku Island is a comic artist whose works include Shonen Sunday. Working with pen, pencil, and water colors, his passion for monsters and heroes has taken him to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and America. He has done commissioned Godzilla illustrations for Toho Studios, contributed to Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Monster Attack Team. He released the 1st comic in the Gotouchi Kaiju series, illustrated his own kaiju comic IROS, and has collaborated with Clint Eastwood and the estate of Bruce Lee. Mr. Kanatani is a member of the Japan Manga Association and 2019 marks his 1st appearance as an artist in Kauai, Hawaii.



Hawaii Cosplay Princess

Night Darling was born and raised on the Island of Maui. She has been cosplaying for over 4 years. She has a love for all things Nerd/Pop culture, anime, comics to gaming; Night Darling enjoys it all!  Working with some of Hawaiis top Photographers, Videographers, Makeup artists, and local artists Night Darling is taking Hawaii cosplay to a whole new level. She also plays a big part in the Cosplay Community by holding one of the biggest cosplay competitions in Hawaii at the Maui Comic Convention every year. Night Darling loves to give back to all of Hawaii and wants to put Hawaii Cosplayers on the map! Night Darling would like to congratulate the island of Kauai for their first ever Kauai Comic Convention, and is so honored to be apart of history in the making!




"Derick Fabian, [founder of 7Sketches], is a Hawai’i-based artist originally from Kauai known for his original sticker art, or “slaps”. Blending the spheres of cartoons, anime, comic books and manga, along with hip-hop and local culture, 7Sketches has created a world of mashup characters that are infiltrating [Hawai'i]" - Camille Wong, Digital Media Coordinator for 7-11


Derick has had the pleasure of sharing his art through projects and exhibitions with clients, galleries, and events that include POW! WOW! Hawai'i, 7-Eleven, Hawaiian Airlines, Bloomingdales x Nintendo, Lightsleepers, Ben Franklin Crafts, Thrilla Krew Gear, Red Label Clothing, Galerie F, Spoke Art, Martian Toys, Wasabi Magazine, Dada Salon, Quiccs, and Vampy Bit Me.




Alice Inoue has published eight national award-winning books: Be Happy! It’s Your Choice; A Loving Guide to These Shifting Times; Feng Shui Your Life!; Just Ask Alice; Destination Happiness; Mindful Moments, More Mindful Moments and most recently, Master Your Superpowers. All focus on life wisdom, self-growth and happiness. Alice writes weekly columns for Hawaii’s two largest publications, and is also the founder of Happiness U, a school in Honolulu devoted to personal growth and transformation.  Alice’s Integrated Archetype, the Intuitive Luminary, has led her to inspire others and help them find their personal power.




In a cosmic sense, Jason Suapaia has been working on this project since he was ten years old – which is when he first began sketching superheroes on paper bags and using them for his textbook covers. These paper bags were canvases for his imagination, where the characters he created took flight. Characters like Batman inspired him to create an array of his own cast of original characters.  Jason’s Integrated Archetype, the Caring Perfectionist, has guided his pen, bringing to life Alice’s collection of superheroes, an ethereal yet earth-bound cast that we all have within us.



Comic Creator

Jon was born and raised in Hawaii.  He graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa with a bachelor's degree in fine arts, and is perhaps best known for his line of Local Kine Greeting Cards which depict humorous occasions and holidays in Hawaii.  


His regular comic strips include Calabash with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper and Generation Gapwith the Hawaii Herald.  Additionally Jon has illustrated several Hawaiian children’s picture and board books and self-publishes the comic books, Gordon Rider and The Ara-Rangers.




Art of Jeprox is a LA/Burbank based comic illustrator and graphic designer. He works for a top tier comic company by day and works on his own art by night. A fan of comics, movies, music, manga, anime, design & video games, you can see these influences in his art as he translates his own style into every piece.




Art of Jeprox




Sam Campos was born and raised in Hawaii and is of Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino and Caucasian descent. He conceptualized Pineapple Man in 1984 and featured him in comic books ten years later. When Sam started self-publishing, he didn't own a computer or have access to things like a graphics tablet or Photoshop. But despite a slipper strap budget and high printing costs, his series garnered attention and a loyal fanbase developed. 

Sam went on to teach graphic and sequential art for the University of Hawaii. He's also worked in television and film, doing fight choreography, costume & weapons design and storyboards.  After working in Hollywood for a time, Sam returned home to develop Dragonfly, a supernatural martial arts series which takes place in Hawaii.




Robert Gluckson discovered comics big time at the age of 12 when the classic silver age of Marvel comics began and he wanted to know everything about what had happened before: at Timely, at DC and at EC, and began his art history career digging through the back issue boxes at Cherokee bookstore in Hollywood, one of the first places to sell comic collectibles.  He put out fanzines co-founded the Los Angeles Comic Book Club and attended the first San Diego Cons.
As a comic book dealer and fan he constantly had to explain what was so great about popular culture and this led him to a B.A. degree in Journalism journalism and a Masters in popular culture.

Remembering the thrill of putting out his own fan magazines as a teen, he began teaching cartooning and other art classes along with his career as a media studies adjunct professor in Seattle, Washington, and Ashland, Oregon.

In love with the nature of Kauai, today he grows food on an organic farm in Lawai.